Video games come in many different genres, ranging from shooting games to racing games to role playing games. Here is a general list of genres with common descriptions for games in said genres.


  • Action - Action games require players to use their intellect and reflexes to overcome obstacles.
  • Adventure - Adventure describes a manner of gameplay without reflex challenges or action. They normally require the player to solve various puzzles by interacting with people or the environment.
  • Racing - Racing games are just what a person would expect. A player is given control of either a character or a vehicle to race against other players or the computer. Some consider the Racing genre to be a subgenre of the Simulation genre or the Sports genre.
  • RPG - Role Playing Games, or RPGs, are games where the player has control of either a character or a group of characters and runs through a predetermined storyline.
  • Shooter - A Shooter game is a game where a player controls a character or vehicle of some sort and attempts to shoot either obstacles or other characters. While some would argue that the Shooter genre should be a subgenre of the Action genre for it's required reflexes and action, the shooter genre has many games that belong to it with it's own set of subgenres.
  • Simulation - Simulation games allow a player to simulate real life elements such as evolution, life, vehicle control, or even pet care.
  • Sports - Sports games are games where players participate in any form of real-life sport, sometimes with fantasy elements added. Examples include hockey games, football games, soccer games, baseball game, and many others similar to those.
  • Strategy - Strategy games are games where a player has to make decisions about what order to handle items in a game. A player also has to think ahead and decide what to do with his or her characters, troops, resources, or whatever else they handle in said game.
  • Visual Novel -
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