Dynasty Warriors is a tactical action game for the PlayStation Vita. It is also a launch title for the system. It uses characters and visuals from Dynasty Warriors 7: Xtreme Legends as its base.

Both the director (Tomohiko Sho) and producer (Kenichi Ogasawara) have stated that this title has elements they would like to include in future Warriors entries.

Gameplay Edit

Players can perform their character's actions by using the console's analog stick and buttons (for movement and normal attacks) and by touching the console's touch screens (for special sequences). The game's system is created in this manner to let the player be directly responsible for their mistakes and actions.

Maps are peppered with bases throughout the field. Just like Empires titles in the series, each base has a special function with an icon on the mini map to designate its properties. The base can benefit the side which controls it. Bases may boost the attack power of forces nearby, restore health, call for reinforcements from wildlife or other soldiers, and so on. Clicking on the upper right corner of the console's top screen allows players to zoom in or out of the mini-map during battle.

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