The PlayStation Vita has finally launched, and the reviews are pouring in. While reviews of the system itself are mostly positive, the games are the highlight. Here are the launch title game reviews from the three biggest review sites.


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Rayman Origins 9/10
"It's a spectacular living painting that's as much fun to play as it is to look at, and it's a total triumph."
"If you're a Vita owner who hasn't played Rayman Origins yet, this handheld port provides a terrific opportunity to change that fact."
"Ultimately, Rayman Origins is still a fantastic game, with or without multiplayer. If you haven’t checked it out yet, you now have one more reason to give it a shot."
Lumines Electronic Symphony 9/10
"It's a fun, addictive title that I won't stop playing anytime soon."
"The original game's Puzzle mode, in which you were challenged to create various shapes from the falling blocks, is unfortunately absent, but Lumines: Electronic Symphony is still very much a complete package."
"This musical puzzler is a solid choice for new Vita owners, but it isn’t a must-have title in the larger gaming landscape."
Uncharted: Golden Abyss 8.5/10
" The game is great and an impressive launch title for the PlayStation Vita."
"Despite its problems, though, Golden Abyss still succeeds in delivering some intense, entertaining action and combat."
"The base level of craftsmanship on display in Golden Abyss means you’ll get your money’s worth – but not a penny more."
Touch My Katamari 6/10
"Touch My Katamari is well-controlled and fun while it lasts, but it feels like the series has stagnated."
"Returning fans and newcomers alike should find that the newest game in the series provides plenty of reasons to remember the King of the Cosmos again."
"I was a bit disappointed that it doesn’t deliver the satisfying finale that I’ve grown accustomed to, but it offers enough other things to soften the blow."
Hot Shots Golf: World Invitational 6.5/10
"Hot Shots Golf: World Invitational has a nice, colorful approach to golf and a respectable set of multiplayer options."
"Clap Hanz has the Hot Shots formula down cold, though its unwillingness to mess with the formula is the only blemish to be found."
"Being predictably solid is both a blessing and curse for the Hot Shots series, and at the end of the day I try to not overthink the fact that World Invitational is simply a fun experience."
Ninja Gaiden Sigma plus 8/10
"But for those of you that only played the 2004 original, or missed the game entirely, you’ve now got a beefed up, extra content edition that you can play anywhere."
"If you somehow still haven't experienced the excitement of Ninja Gaiden, you should play Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus."
"However, action fans accustomed to the polished games of this generation may become frustrated with the eight year-old mechanics."
Tales from Space: Mutant Blobs Attack 9/10
"It's visually delicious, the cutscenes ooze with humor, and the actual gameplay feels perfectly balanced."
Not Yet Reviewed 8.5/10
"...the smooth, inviting difficulty curve and constant use of inventive new tricks makes Mutant Blobs Attack stand out in the crowded Vita launch lineup."
ModNation Racers: Road Trip 7/10
"If you're looking for a bright and colorful kart racer with good mechanics, ModNation Racers: Road Trip fits the bill, but it doesn't excel anywhere else."
" If you're keen on the series, you should consider tinkering with Road Trip. It's too bad that its engine doesn't purr as rhythmically as it should."
"The biggest of Road Trip's drawbacks is inexplicable: There's no online multiplayer support."
Super Stardust Delta 9.5/10
"Super Stardust Delta looks beautiful, runs well, totes short load times and has a great soundtrack."
"And its captivating visuals show off just how bright and gorgeous the screen on your new Vita really is."
"Niggling control issues aside, Housemarque’s latest entry is a great showcase for the handheld’s beautiful screen, and a wealth of modes will keep you blasting aliens until your batteries run dry."
Dynasty Warriors Next 8/10
"Even so, this is Dynasty Warriors through and through, and if the new content might convince a few newcomers to take the plunge, anyone who hated the previous games will find little to love here."
"It may be enough for those who want mindless action, but if you want something deeper, you have no reason to come to the Three Kingdoms."
Not Yet Reviewed
Little Deviants 6/10
"It’s not to say that Little Deviants is a poor game, because it isn’t. It’s a decent piece of (admittedly overpriced) software."
Not Yet Reviewed 6/10
"It certainly proves that the system’s various control methods can be successfully implemented on a technical level, but that doesn’t excuse the lack of substance when it comes to the content."
Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 8/10
"While the game's modes are pretty sparse and the new touch mode is a dud, there's still a lot to be excited about if you're a fighting fan with a brand new Vita."
Not Yet Reviewed 7.75/10
"Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 is best suited for two types of Vita users – those obsessed with the series who can’t tolerate having it out of arms reach, or anyone looking for a good fighter who hasn’t played it yet."
Wipeout 2048 7/10
"In short, while Wipeout 2048 is well worth checking out, just be aware that for every design hit there’s also a miss."
"Coupled with the exciting racing, lengthy campaign, and multiplayer modes, Wipeout 2048 is fantastic fun and a great addition to the series."
"It’s a competent racer, but Wipeout 2048 feels too familiar for its own good."
Shinobido 2: Tales of the Ninja 4.5/10
"If it was only a few bucks, it would be a decent distraction for people looking to be ninjas on the go, but as a full price PlayStation Vita, I can't recommend it."
Not Yet Reviewed 6.25/10
" Outside of sneaking up behind people to perform kills however, the game feels unpolished and not entirely thought-out."
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