Tales of Hearts R is a role playing game released for the PlayStation Vita by Namco Bandai. It was released in Japan on March 7, 2013. It is planned on being released in North America on November 11, 2014. In addition, it is PlayStation TV compatible.

There are six pre-order exclusive costumes available for Tales of Hearts R[1]. They are also available if you buy the Digital limited edition of the PlayStation Network, which is available until the end of November. The costumes are as follows:

  • Kor as Caius Qualls
  • Kohaku as Marta
  • Gall as Malik
  • Ines as Judith
  • Kunzite as Repede
  • Beryl as Patty


A young man named Kor Meteor lives in a small village by the sea. One day, a young man and woman, Kohaku and Hisui Hearts, siblings, wash ashore after being attacked by a powerful witch. The siblings request that Kor guide them to a nearby shrine. They are once again attacked by the witch upon their arrival, and the attack results in Kohaku's Spiria, the embodiment of her heart and soul, shatters, sending the pieces scattering throughout the world. Feeling responsible, Kor joins Hisui and the now emotionless Kohaku on a journey to recover her Spiria fragments.



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