The PlayStation Vita Wiki allows any contributor to edit our pages. It is, however, important to set guidelines so that our Wiki is kept neat and orderly. As such, it is important that every new contributor read this page before pressing that edit button.


All contributors must remember that every contributor is an equal. While ranks may come with a certain degree of seniority, this rank alone does not set them apart from other contributors; solid reasoning and empathy for others also plays a major role. As such, no contributor should be dismissed merely because they lack the seniority of other contributors. This attitude is considered to be ignorant and will not be tolerated here.

The InfoboxEdit

The infobox is a piece of coding that is used on all game pages. It is used to list common information that applies to all games, such as release date, file size, developer and publisher, etc. For more in depth help on how to use the infobox, please see Template:Infobox.

Creating New PagesEdit

Any contributor can create a new page, but this does not mean that they should. Please search for the game before you create the page.

Editing PagesEdit

  • American English is used. Proper spelling and grammar should always be used.
  • Speculation should not be used, always back up information with firm evidence when adding in new information.
  • Text should be written in third person.
  • Bias has no place on a Wiki. All articles should be written using a neutral tone.
  • If you're adding in information that is not easily verifiable, add a reference that elaborates on where this information came from. References should not be used sparingly, as they help us and visitors verify information.
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