So, you've read the other guides, have you? The Wiki may seem vast at first so here's a few basic and easy to do things you can do to help us out:

  • Correct spelling and grammatical errors - Correcting our mistakes helps make our articles sound more professional.
  • Explore YouTube, social media, or official sites - YouTube channels like PlayStation are always posting trailers for games. Adding these to our video section helps lower the upkeep for the other contributors. New images related to the topic can also be found through social media and official sites.
  • Create new pages - New games are popping up all the time for the PlayStation Vita, and it can get a little overwhelming when there's only a few contributors. Creating a page for these games goes a long way to building the Wiki.
  • You created the page, now add in some information - Adding in basic details, like a synopsis and release information, leaves the page as a basic and informative stub. This makes it easier for other contributors to expand.
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